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High end Spirits added to Sheppard Brothers Beverage portfolio

September 1, 2008


Cognac, Armagnac and a delightful TEA liqueur, are now available from Sheppard Brothers. Jean Fillioux, a French private house which started in 1880, provides the excellent ‘Cigar Club’ and ‘Familia Reserve’ Cognacs, and the Armagnac is from the house of Gelas, which dates back to 1865.

Qi liqueur, a ‘brandy based, tea infused’ liqueur, hails from California, and is fast becoming a must have item for straight sipping or as the magic ingredient for the most amazing cocktails. Currently the ‘White Tea’ liqueur is available, but the Black Tea and a soon to be launched Green Tea liqueur will be available in the future.

Qi cocktails will be available in the W Hotel and other fine establishments very soon.

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