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Tomos Watkin’s Great Ales of Wales now in Hong Kong!

September 1, 2008


Sheppard Brothers have been appointed the exclusive Agent for Tomos Watkin beers (and Cider!) and have started distributing the product in Hong Kong. Quality drinking and eating establishments such as ‘The Globe’ in Hollywood Road, as well as the recently opened ‘The Pawn’ (located in an old historic building on Johnstone Road, Wanchai) are already serving a variety of Tomos Watkin beers and the very popular Taffy Apples Cider. Michael Sheppard, Director of Sheppard Brothers, said ‘we are delighted to be able to bring these really excellent products to this part of the world, and have been very excited at the feedback so far. We are not really that surprised, as the quality of Tomos Watkin beers and the Taffy Apples cider is outstanding’.

The products will be available in a range of hotels, restaurants and quality bars very soon.

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