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Graham Beck & Little Creatures Brands win awards at Beer and Wine Competition in Hong Kong

September 19, 2011


Brands carried by Sheppard Brothers Limited have won awards at Beer and Wine competitions held in September, 2011 in Hong Kong.

Little Creatures Pipsqueak Cider was named best Cider/Perry at the Hong Kong International Beer awards.

Graham Beck's Brut N/V Sparkling was awarded a Gold medal at the inaugural 'House Wines' awards, held as part of Restaurant and Bar 2011, in Hong Kong.

Michael Sheppard, Director of Sheppard Brothers, said ‘we are delighted that these brands have received the recognition they deserve, as these Companies have excellent products.’ He went on to say, ‘it is clear that a number of better establishments are now looking to provide quality premium house products to their customers, and we are very happy to have such products within our Brands portfolio’.

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